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Current requests for adminship[ñɔɔzɩ wikicode]

I wish to become an administrator for the Kabiye Wikipedia. Is this the right place to place a request? Gnangbade (ndɔncɔɔlɩyɛ) 3 Salaŋ fenaɣ 2017 à 17:44 (GMT)[répondre]

It could be. I express support for You and place your request to Metawiki (see: Hugo.arg (ndɔncɔɔlɩyɛ) 7 Salaŋ fenaɣ 2017 à 14:26 (GMT)[répondre]
Hugo.arg, I suggest starting the Community Portal page and putting a link there, too. StevenJ81 (ndɔncɔɔlɩyɛ) 7 Salaŋ fenaɣ 2017 à 14:32 (GMT)[répondre]
Thanks for following this up Gnangbade (ndɔncɔɔlɩyɛ) 7 Salaŋ fenaɣ 2017 à 17:18 (GMT)[répondre]
Done for 3 months from Meta-Wiki. Ajraddatz (ndɔncɔɔlɩyɛ) 10 Salaŋ fenaɣ 2017 à 02:07 (GMT)[répondre]
Thanks Ajraddatz. Any chance of getting longer than three months please? It's a hassle having to renew so regularly Gnangbade (ndɔncɔɔlɩyɛ) 11 Salaŋ fenaɣ 2017 à 12:42 (GMT)[répondre]

Hi Hugo.arg and Ajraddatz. Seems like my 3-month administrator rights have expired. Please can they be renewed? Gnangbade (ndɔncɔɔlɩyɛ) 17 Saŋayɩŋ fenaɣ 2017 à 20:34 (GMT)[répondre]

I put another request, now for permanent status. Hugo.arg (ndɔncɔɔlɩyɛ) 1 Kɔlaɣ fenaɣ 2018 à 15:11 (GMT)[répondre]

Hi Hugo.arg thanks, though I was unable to see any sign of your request in the link above... Gnangbade (ndɔncɔɔlɩyɛ) 11 Kɔlaɣ fenaɣ 2018 à 17:37 (GMT)[répondre]
It was archived in this edit. (So the final state of the thread before archiving can be seen in this revision.) - dcljr (ndɔncɔɔlɩyɛ) 12 Kɔlaɣ fenaɣ 2018 à 04:54 (GMT)[répondre]

Hi Hugo.arg (ndɔncɔɔlɩyɛ) I'd like to renew my administrator rights for the Kabiye Wikipedia please Gnangbade (ndɔncɔɔlɩyɛ) 22 Kɩyɛɛna fenaɣ 2018 à 17:51 (GMT)[répondre]

Hello. I put a new request, let us hope they will grant sysop status permanently or at least for a much longer time. Hugo.arg (ndɔncɔɔlɩyɛ) 23 Kɩyɛɛna fenaɣ 2018 à 08:44 (GMT)[répondre]
Done. Hugo.arg (ndɔncɔɔlɩyɛ) 23 Kɩyɛɛna fenaɣ 2018 à 21:05 (GMT)[répondre]
Hi Hugo.arg (ndɔncɔɔlɩyɛ) My administrator status on the Kabiye Wikipedia has lapsed again. Please can you help me renew it? Gnangbade (ndɔncɔɔlɩyɛ) 4 Kɩyɛɛna fenaɣ 2021 à 15:21 (GMT)[répondre]
Hi. I put a new request here. Hugo.arg (ndɔncɔɔlɩyɛ) 4 Kɩyɛɛna fenaɣ 2021 à 18:36 (GMT)[répondre]
Hi Hugo.arg (ndɔncɔɔlɩyɛ) Thanks for renewing my admin status. Is there any way of preventing it from lapsing again, or at least having it continue for longer? Each time it happens, it takes me out of action. Gnangbade (ndɔncɔɔlɩyɛ) 13 Aloma fenaɣ 2021 à 05:51 (GMT)[répondre]

@Gnangbade, as I understand, current Wikimedia policy is that if there is no significant community, it can not be permanent administrators. So, I guess, the only way is to attract more people to Kabiye Wikipedia and then to organize administrator election. From the other side, there is so little action here that there is no big need to use administrator rights. Hugo.arg (ndɔncɔɔlɩyɛ) 13 Aloma fenaɣ 2021 à 07:18 (GMT)[répondre]