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Current requests for adminship[ñɔɔzɩ wikicode]

I wish to become an administrator for the Kabiye Wikipedia. Is this the right place to place a request? Gnangbade (ndɔncɔɔlɩyɛ) 3 Salaŋ fenaɣ 2017 à 17:44 (GMT)[]

It could be. I express support for You and place your request to Metawiki (see: Hugo.arg (ndɔncɔɔlɩyɛ) 7 Salaŋ fenaɣ 2017 à 14:26 (GMT)[]
Hugo.arg, I suggest starting the Community Portal page and putting a link there, too. StevenJ81 (ndɔncɔɔlɩyɛ) 7 Salaŋ fenaɣ 2017 à 14:32 (GMT)[]
Thanks for following this up Gnangbade (ndɔncɔɔlɩyɛ) 7 Salaŋ fenaɣ 2017 à 17:18 (GMT)[]
Done for 3 months from Meta-Wiki. Ajraddatz (ndɔncɔɔlɩyɛ) 10 Salaŋ fenaɣ 2017 à 02:07 (GMT)[]
Thanks Ajraddatz. Any chance of getting longer than three months please? It's a hassle having to renew so regularly Gnangbade (ndɔncɔɔlɩyɛ) 11 Salaŋ fenaɣ 2017 à 12:42 (GMT)[]

Hi Hugo.arg and Ajraddatz. Seems like my 3-month administrator rights have expired. Please can they be renewed? Gnangbade (ndɔncɔɔlɩyɛ) 17 Saŋayɩŋ fenaɣ 2017 à 20:34 (GMT)[]

I put another request, now for permanent status. Hugo.arg (ndɔncɔɔlɩyɛ) 1 Kɔlaɣ fenaɣ 2018 à 15:11 (GMT)[]

Hi Hugo.arg thanks, though I was unable to see any sign of your request in the link above... Gnangbade (ndɔncɔɔlɩyɛ) 11 Kɔlaɣ fenaɣ 2018 à 17:37 (GMT)[]
It was archived in this edit. (So the final state of the thread before archiving can be seen in this revision.) - dcljr (ndɔncɔɔlɩyɛ) 12 Kɔlaɣ fenaɣ 2018 à 04:54 (GMT)[]

Hi Hugo.arg (ndɔncɔɔlɩyɛ) I'd like to renew my administrator rights for the Kabiye Wikipedia please Gnangbade (ndɔncɔɔlɩyɛ) 22 Kɩyɛɛna fenaɣ 2018 à 17:51 (GMT)[]

Hello. I put a new request, let us hope they will grant sysop status permanently or at least for a much longer time. Hugo.arg (ndɔncɔɔlɩyɛ) 23 Kɩyɛɛna fenaɣ 2018 à 08:44 (GMT)[]
Done. Hugo.arg (ndɔncɔɔlɩyɛ) 23 Kɩyɛɛna fenaɣ 2018 à 21:05 (GMT)[]
Hi Hugo.arg (ndɔncɔɔlɩyɛ) My administrator status on the Kabiye Wikipedia has lapsed again. Please can you help me renew it? Gnangbade (ndɔncɔɔlɩyɛ) 4 Kɩyɛɛna fenaɣ 2021 à 15:21 (GMT)[]

Hi. I put a new request here. Hugo.arg (ndɔncɔɔlɩyɛ) 4 Kɩyɛɛna fenaɣ 2021 à 18:36 (GMT)[]