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My user page[ñɔɔzɩ wikicode]

Hi MF-W StevenJ81: my user page on the new Kabiye Wikipedia is empty apart from a message that says "Le contenu de cette page est une copie de https://meta.wikimedia.org/wiki/User:Gnangbade." Please can it be imported from the Incubator?

thanks to whoever did that. I'd appreciate some help tidying it up. It looks a mess right now but I don't know how to right justify those infoboxes. Gnangbade (ndɔncɔɔlɩyɛ) 16 Kɩyɛɛna fenaɣ 2017 à 19:36 (GMT)[répondre]

Terme clé pour "Science"[ñɔɔzɩ wikicode]

Salut Katxis (ndɔncɔɔlɩyɛ) c'est bien Lɛɣtʋ. Si tu vois Sɩyansɩ quelque part tu peux le corriger, c'est horrible ! Gnangbade (ndɔncɔɔlɩyɛ) 6 Hasɩyaɖɛ fenaɣ 2017 à 15:33 (GMT)[répondre]
Il y a un article appele Sɩyansɩ. Je crois que tu devra le correger. --Katxis (ndɔncɔɔlɩyɛ) 7 Hasɩyaɖɛ fenaɣ 2017 à 09:54 (GMT)[répondre]
Katxis (ndɔncɔɔlɩyɛ)Merci pour ta vigilance. Maintenant qu'on est sur la vraie plateforme, on m'a ôté mes droits d'administrateur, donc je ne peux pas le changer pour le moment. Mais j'ai lancé la demande de renouvellement et une fois que c'est approuvé je vais le changer. C'est noté. Gnangbade (ndɔncɔɔlɩyɛ) 7 Hasɩyaɖɛ fenaɣ 2017 à 11:58 (GMT)[répondre]

Kabiye Wikipedia incubator main page[ñɔɔzɩ wikicode]

Hi MF-W StevenJ81: I see that the incubator version of the Kabiye Wikipedia is now frozen so that no more edits can be made. That's fine, but I'm concerned that the Main page still invites user to contribute. Is it possible to change the wording so that it directs users to the new Wikipedia please? How long will the incubator version continue existing for? Gnangbade (ndɔncɔɔlɩyɛ) 8 Hasɩyaɖɛ fenaɣ 2017 à 09:57 (GMT)[répondre]

We can't edit the page anymore, only delete it. If anyone tries to edit the page, he will see a message directing him to this wiki. But I can already delete the pages on Incubator if you're sure everything was imported correctly (even if not, restoring is always possible). --MF-Warburg (ndɔncɔɔlɩyɛ) 10 Hasɩyaɖɛ fenaɣ 2017 à 18:41 (GMT)[répondre]
Hi MF-W Having used the new Kabiye Wikipedia for a while now, I think I can safely say that everything's been imported so, yes, you can delete the incubator pages. Gnangbade (ndɔncɔɔlɩyɛ) 16 Kɩyɛɛna fenaɣ 2017 à 19:16 (GMT)[répondre]

Please note this. - dcljr (ndɔncɔɔlɩyɛ) 24 Hasɩyaɖɛ fenaɣ 2017 à 20:33 (GMT)[répondre]

Hi dcljr OK, thanks for the tip, I didn't know that. Gnangbade (ndɔncɔɔlɩyɛ) 25 Hasɩyaɖɛ fenaɣ 2017 à 20:19 (GMT)[répondre]

Administrator rights[ñɔɔzɩ wikicode]

Hi MF-W StevenJ81: Please can you remind me how to regain administrator rights now that we're on the real Wikipedia platform? Someone sent a list of instructions a while back, but I can't find them now. Gnangbade (ndɔncɔɔlɩyɛ) 16 Kɩyɛɛna fenaɣ 2017 à 19:32 (GMT)[répondre]

Hi MF-W StevenJ81 My administrator rights appear to have expired again, as I no longer have the right to delete an article. Please can you help me get them back again? I have a list of about 80 double articles that need treating. Gnangbade (ndɔncɔɔlɩyɛ) 3 Mɩsɩkʋm fenaɣ 2021 à 08:18 (GMT) Gnangbade (ndɔncɔɔlɩyɛ) 3 Mɩsɩkʋm fenaɣ 2021 à 08:18 (GMT)[répondre]

Tracking contributions[ñɔɔzɩ wikicode]

Hi dcljr and others. I use Tambaɣ to track contributions to the Kabiye Wikipedia. But lately, when I type the name of the contributor in the space "Adresse IP ou nom d'utilisateur" and hit return, Safari closes down. The same problem does not occur if I manually add the user name to the Safari https:// address line, neither does it happen at all in Firefox. Do you have any ideas how to solve this problem? Gnangbade (ndɔncɔɔlɩyɛ) 13 Aloma fenaɣ 2017 à 15:14 (GMT)[répondre]

interwiki connections[ñɔɔzɩ wikicode]

Hi, Gnangbade. There are still a lot of pages with no interlanguage connections (most I connected but somewhere I can not understand the article subject or maybe some skipped). You can found these articles in Spécial:Sans_interwiki & Spécial:UnconnectedPages. How to connect them? If you open Keɖe, at the bottom of the left side menu You will see a link "Ajouter des liens". If You click it, You will get an infobox. At the upper window write language name (ex. English), then at lower corresponding article name in that language (so, in this case "tooth") and click "Lien avec page", then it will show other language links to this page, and then click it to confirm. It would be great, if you could connect as many as possible pages in this way. Sure, some pages could have no correspondences in other wikipedias (for example, things special only to kabiye culture), or somewhere you may get an error as there are two articles on the same subject and one of them is connected (ex. Nɛptuni & Nɛptiini, they should be merged by copying worth information from one page into another, which has more correct name). Hugo.arg (ndɔncɔɔlɩyɛ) 2 Kɔlaɣ fenaɣ 2018 à 11:14 (GMT)[répondre]

Hi Hugo.arg (ndɔncɔɔlɩyɛ). Thanks for looking into this. I've dealt with some of the ones in the first list Spécial:Sans_interwiki. Is there a way of editing it so it no longer lists linked articles? As for the second list, should the category be linked to the equivalent category page in another language, or to the article of that name? For example, should I link Kabiye "Category:Saints" to French "Catégorie:Saints" or to French "Saints"? Gnangbade (ndɔncɔɔlɩyɛ) 2 Kɔlaɣ fenaɣ 2018 à 13:54 (GMT)[répondre]

Maybe some of them are still in the list because of "cached" information in your computer but usually they disappear quickly as somebody connects them. As to Your second question - yes, category pages should be linked to categories in other wiki, templates with templates, etc. (though, first attention should be to article space (You can sort them like this https://kbp.wikipedia.org/wiki/Sp%C3%A9cial:UnconnectedPages?namespace=0). Hugo.arg (ndɔncɔɔlɩyɛ) 2 Kɔlaɣ fenaɣ 2018 à 14:13 (GMT)[répondre]

Candidates for speedy deletion[ñɔɔzɩ wikicode]

Hi Gnangbade, we have in the Catégorie:Candidates for speedy deletion 15 pages but the majority was sent by this IP [[[Spécial:Contributions/]] without justifying the reason, as I do not understand the language it is difficult to believe that it is right. Could you take a look at them and confirm if they really should be deleted. Thank you. DARIO SEVERI (ndɔncɔɔlɩyɛ) 9 Kɔlaɣ fenaɣ 2018 à 00:28 (GMT)[répondre]

Hi DARIO SEVERI (ndɔncɔɔlɩyɛ) Thanks for following this up. The articles in "Candidates for Speedy Deletion" are all correctly placed there, but I hesitate to delete them too quickly, because they are the _only_ contributions that we've had from users other than our own team. One of the challenges of working in an overwhelmingly oral culture is that most people do not understand what an encyclopedia is. These users are treating the new Wikipedia as a repository for any old Kabiye text: folktales, lists of telephone numbers, evangelistic tracts, advice about civic duty, etc etc. So I am torn between wanting to encourage participation and wanting to limit contributions to truly encyclopedic content. I am also conscious that, although I am the administrator (lapsed right now), I'm also the only contributor who is not a mother-tongue speaker of the language, so there's an issue of ownership. What we really need is a workshop to train potential users. If you have any advice to give on these issues, I'm listening Gnangbade (ndɔncɔɔlɩyɛ) 10 Kɔlaɣ fenaɣ 2018 à 07:30 (GMT)[répondre]
Hi Gnangbade, I understand your concern and I am also of the opinion of initially trying to encourage new users, but many editors think in a different way and are totally against this kind of pages on Wikipedia. I will not delete them, unless some of them are a spam or advertising because this is not really allowed. This need to train potential users exists on all considered "small" Wikipedia and only with time and a lot of patience should improve. Why did not you renew your Sysop status? I'll continue to edit occasionally here. Sincerely DARIO SEVERI (ndɔncɔɔlɩyɛ) 11 Kɔlaɣ fenaɣ 2018 à 06:33 (GMT)[répondre]
Hi DARIO SEVERI, I have already requested renewal of my administrator rights. I don't understand why it keeps lapsing - this is now the third time I've had to renew and each time takes me out of action for several months. Do you know any way of speeding up the process and of getting permanent administrator rights? Gnangbade (ndɔncɔɔlɩyɛ) 11 Kɔlaɣ fenaɣ 2018 à 06:47 (GMT)[répondre]
Hi Gnangbade, first I want to congratulate you on getting six months, ending on July 7, 2018. As for accelerating the process has no way, Stewarts on Meta only gives the definitive to larger Wikipedias. You must apply for extension two-week before end 7 July. If you need some help please ask to me or to Hugo.arg . Regards DARIO SEVERI (ndɔncɔɔlɩyɛ) 13 Kɔlaɣ fenaɣ 2018 à 09:16 (GMT)[répondre]
Hi DARIO SEVERI Many thanks for the renewal. Do you have any idea how to organize and fund an Editathon where we can train local people? Gnangbade (ndɔncɔɔlɩyɛ) 13 Kɔlaɣ fenaɣ 2018 à 09:25 (GMT)[répondre]
Hi Gnangbade, I do not know, this subject probably is more related to Stewards and not with Global Sysops (see list [1]]). DARIO SEVERI (ndɔncɔɔlɩyɛ) 14 Kɔlaɣ fenaɣ 2018 à 05:47 (GMT)[répondre]

Translation request[ñɔɔzɩ wikicode]


Can you translate and upload the articles en:Azerbaijanis and en:Azerbaijani language in Kabiye Wikipedia?

Yours sincerely, Multituberculata (ndɔncɔɔlɩyɛ) 26 Aloma fenaɣ 2021 à 10:46 (GMT)[répondre]

How we will see unregistered users[ñɔɔzɩ wikicode]

Bonjour !

Vous recevez ce message parce que vous êtes un administrateur ou une administratrice sur un wiki Wikimedia.

Aujourd'hui, lorsqu'une personne modifie un wiki Wikimedia sans être connectée, nous affichons son adresse IP. Comme vous le savez peut-être déjà, nous ne serons plus en mesure de le faire à l'avenir. Il s'agit d'une décision du service juridique de la Fondation Wikimedia, car les normes et réglementations en matière de confidentialité en ligne ont changé.

Au lieu de l'IP, nous allons montrer une identité masquée. Du fait de votre statut d'admin, vous pourrez toujours accéder à l'adresse IP. Il y aura également un nouveau droit d'utilisateur pour celles et ceux qui ne sont pas admin mais qui ont besoin de voir les IP complètes, afin de lutter contre le vandalisme, le harcèlement et le spam. Les patrouilleurs et patrouilleuses verront également une partie de l'IP même sans ce droit d'utilisateur. Nous travaillons également sur de meilleurs outils pour faciliter la maintenance des wikis.

Si vous ne l'avez pas encore fait, vous pouvez en savoir plus sur Meta. Si vous voulez être sûr de ne pas manquer les changements techniques sur les wikis Wikimedia, vous pouvez vous inscrire à aux actualités techniques hebdomadaires (Tech News).

Nous avons deux propositions concernant le possible fonctionnement de cette identité. Nous apprécierions vos commentaires sur la façon dont vous pensez que cela fonctionnerait le mieux pour vous et votre wiki, maintenant et à l'avenir. Vous pouvez nous laisser un message sur la page de discussion. Vous pouvez écrire dans votre langue. Les suggestions ont été publiées en octobre et nous déciderons après le 17 janvier.

Merci. /Johan (WMF)

4 Kɔlaɣ fenaɣ 2022 à 18:17 (GMT)

What was this for? The edit you reverted to causes the text to not show. Minorax (ndɔncɔɔlɩyɛ) 5 Kɔlaɣ fenaɣ 2022 à 10:31 (GMT)[répondre]

Sorry, Minorax, I didn't revert this intentionally. Can you revert the reversion? Gnangbade (ndɔncɔɔlɩyɛ) 5 Kɔlaɣ fenaɣ 2022 à 12:57 (GMT)[répondre]
Done, thanks. Minorax (ndɔncɔɔlɩyɛ) 5 Kɔlaɣ fenaɣ 2022 à 13:58 (GMT)[répondre]

Translation request[ñɔɔzɩ wikicode]

Hi, could you please translate these two articles to Kabiye?

Interlingue, formerly Occidental, is an international auxiliary language created by Edgar de Wahl and published in 1922. Literature The main literary texts in Occidental appeared in Cosmoglotta. There were also some works, both original and translated, published in Interlingue.

Thanks for your help. --Caro de Segeda (ndɔncɔɔlɩyɛ) 17 Kɔlaɣ fenaɣ 2022 à 21:51 (GMT)[répondre]

Create a page for Tirana in Kabiye Wiki[ñɔɔzɩ wikicode]

@Gnangbade Hi, I am from Albania and I have a request. Can you create a page for capital city of Albania, Tirana in Kabiye Wiki since I have seen it's missing on this Wiki. This article for this important city should be on Kabiye Wiki since there are many articles for capital cities around the world in this Wiki. Thanks EDASHI (ndɔncɔɔlɩyɛ) 6 Kamɩŋ fenaɣ 2023 à 18:38 (GMT)[répondre]

Translation request[ñɔɔzɩ wikicode]

Hi, could you please translate this to Kabiye?

Glosa is an artificial auxiliary language designed for international communication. It has several characteristics:

  • Its pronunciation is regular, and its spelling is phonetic.
  • Its structure is very simple and based on meaning.
  • It is an analytical language with no inflections or genders. A small number of words handle grammatical relations.
  • Above all, Glosa is neutral and truly international due to the use of Latin and Greek roots, which are used in the international scientific vocabulary.

Thanks for your help. --Jon Gua (ndɔncɔɔlɩyɛ) 17 Saŋayɩŋ fenaɣ 2023 à 09:57 (GMT)[répondre]