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Can anyone explain why the writer infobox is not appearing on this page please? Gnangbade (ndɔncɔɔlɩyɛ) 9 Salaŋ fenaɣ 2017 à 17:14 (GMT)[répondre]

I have tried to copy this ultra difficult French template but it still appears invalid. Maybe somebody with more knowledge could help? Or maybe simpler template could be solution? Hugo.arg (ndɔncɔɔlɩyɛ) 11 Salaŋ fenaɣ 2017 à 15:36 (GMT)[répondre]
Problem solved. The infobox now appears Gnangbade (ndɔncɔɔlɩyɛ) 5 Ɖomaɣ fenaɣ 2019 à 15:58 (GMT)[répondre]