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    Hi Gnangbade (talk) I've just updated some of the Famous Persons pages, but cannot always update the entry marked 'Ɛ-tʋmɩyɛ', which I think translates as 'Occupation'. I know the occupations for the 3 I have recently changed far: Charles de Foucald, Charles de Gaulle and Charles Dickens and can find it in the French Kabiye dictionary, but cannot copy the text into the wikipedia. Just a string of special characters is shown.. For now I'll leave this blank, but its worthwhile noting that you can copy text with special (Kabiye) characters from the Wikipedia Master list which are rendered correctly in the Wikipedia.--SFLord (ndɔncɔɔlɩyɛ) 21 Salaŋ fenaɣ 2017 à 10:28 (GMT)Répondre[répondre]

    Hi Gnangbade (talk) I've just added a Famous Persons infobox for the Charlemagne page of the wikipedia. This has meant posting a picture of him and his signature, but the English wikipedia gives his place of birth as the Frankish Kingdom. Since there is not as yet an entry in the French/Kabiye dictionary for the word 'Frankish' I have left his place of birth as 'Frankish Kingdom'. This is the page's address, so you can see what it looks like, Kabiye wikipedia page for Charlemagne. If you can let know what the correct Kabiye wording is for 'Frankish' (assuming that there is an equivalent in Kabiye!), then I'll update the entry accordingly.

    I anticipate that the older the historical character, that we create a page for on the wikipedia, the less likely there will currently be a corresponding country name in Kabiye. Just my guess and of course there will be the happy exceptions. --SFLord (ndɔncɔɔlɩyɛ) 4 Aloma fenaɣ 2017 à 14:05 (GMT)Répondre[répondre]